The Bruges Group spearheads the intellectual battle against the notion of "ever-closer Union" in Europe and, above all, against British involvement in a single European state.

Gerard Batten MEP 

Gerard Batten is the UK Independence Party Member of the European Parliament for London. He was a founder member of UKIP in 1993, and the first Party Secretary from 1994 to 1997. He was elected to the European parliament in June 2004. He is a member of the European Parliament's Security & Defence Committee, and is the UKIP spokesman on Security & Defence.

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Christopher Booker 

Christopher Booker is a columnist for The Sunday Telegraph. He is the author of the Bruges Group paper Britain and Europe: The Culture of Deceit. And also co-wrote Scared To Death: From BSE To Global Warming, Why Scares Are Costing Us The Earth.

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Michael Burrage 

Michael Burrage is entrepreneur, the founder-director of a specialist telecoms company. He has been a research fellow at Harvard, Uppsala, the Free University in Berlin and UC Berkeley, a lecturer at LSE, and a visiting professor at Hokkaido, Kyoto, Kansai and Hosei universities. He is the author of Revolution & the Making of the Contemporary Legal Profession in France, the United States and England (OUP 2004) and Class, State& Civil Society in France, the United States, Russia & England (Macmillan) and edited Martin Trow: Twentieth Century Higher Education: From Elite to Mass to Universal (Johns Hopkins, 2010). His articles have appeared in a variety of academic journals, Daedalus, American Sociological Review et al. He also wrote a study for Ernst & Young which they published called Hunting for Heffalumps & Gazelles: 25 questions about contemporary British entrepreneurs answered by a search party (2002). And conducted a survey commissioned by NTT (Tokyo) on Telephone use in Manhattan, Tokyo, Paris & London, published in English as an LSE working paper in 2001.

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Professor Tim Congdon 

Professor Tim Congdon, CBE is the director and head of Lombard Street Research. Sunday Business described him as, “The best forecaster among Chancellor Ken Clarke’s seven wise men …” Professor Congdon has been the most consistently accurate forecaster of the British economy in the last 15 years. He was appointed to the Treasury Panel of Independent Forecasters in December 1993 and awarded the CBE in 1997 for services to economic debate. Professor Condon is on the Bruges Group's Academic Advisory Council.

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Bernard Connolly 

Bernard Connolly is the author of the acclaimed book on the ERM and EMU, The Rotten Heart of Europe: the Dirty War for Europe’s Money. Widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on the interaction of economics, politics and markets, he is an internationally respected financial market economist working in the City.

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Professor Christie Davies 

Professor Christie Davies M.A. PhD ( Cantab) is an author and academic . His main research interests are in the comparative and historical study of morality and of humour.He has given lectures by invitation at universities and institutes in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, and Poland, has been a visiting lecturer in the United States and taught in Australia. Professor Davies is a member of the Bruges Group's Academic Advisory Council. His most recent book is The Strange Death of Moral Britain, New Brunswick NJ , Transaction, 2004.

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Nigel Farage MEP 

Nigel Farage is the Leader of the UK Independence Party and is also an MEP for the South East. He was a Commodity Broker in the City and ran his own brokerage fi rm. Nigel was active in the Conservative Party until the overthrow of Margaret Thatcher. He is a member of the Countryside Alliance, the East India Club, the Countryside Restoration Trust, the RNLI, the Institute of Fisheries Management, and the Western Front Association. Nigel is a member of the Bruges Group.

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Daniel Hannan MEP 

Daniel Hannan is a Conservative MEP for South East England. He is a writer for the Telegraph and the German newspaper Die Welt. He sits on the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, and was amongst the first in Britain to call for a referendum on the EU constitution. His publications include 'A Treaty Too Far', 'The Euro: Bad for Business' and 'What if Britain votes No?' He speaks French and Spanish, and has been a member of the Bruges Group since 1991. He is also the author of the Bruges Group paper 'The Case for EFTA'.

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Roger Helmer MEP 

In 1999 Roger Helmer was elected as the Conservative MEP for the East Midlands. He is now a member of the UK Independence Party. He has worked with several multinational companies including Procter & Gamble, National Semiconductor, Reader's Digest, Tootal Group/ Coats Viyella, and Guinness PLC. Roger has spent more than 10 years living and working abroad, mainly in south-east Asia. Roger has sat on two European Parliament committees - Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy; and Employment and Social Affairs. He is also a member of the ASEAN delegation. Roger's candid opinions on the defence of the British nation state and the protection of its sovereignty provide a strong voice for the EU-sceptic cause in the 'heart of darkness'.

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Dr Martin Holmes 

Dr Martin Holmes is well known as a leading Oxford University academic specialisng in political economy. In October 1987 he was appinted Senior Visiting Research Fellow at Mansfield College, Oxford, where he has subsequently been Director of the College of Business Administration (UNL) Programme since 1989. In October 1993 he was also appointed as Lecturer in Politics at St Hugh's College, Oxford. He is the author of numerous books on British political economy.

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Damon Lambert 

Damon Lambert is the UK Corporate Tax Director of a major European Bank. Previously, he worked for 11 years in KPMG’s financial sector practice where he specialised in advising on mergers and acquisitions, primarily for financial sector multinationals. The advice he provided to clients included amongst other issues the impact of the EU and the ECJ on UK tax law. Damon is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He regularly writes on European Tax matters and was a member of the working party on the Tax Reform Commission instigated by George Osborne, co-authoring the chapters on business taxation and tax reforms in other jurisdictions.

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The Rt Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick 

Politician, writer and company director. Lord Lamont was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Kingston-upon-Thames from 1972-97, he served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1990-93. Lord Lamont is also Vice-President of the Bruges Group.

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Dr Ruth Lea CBE 

Ruth Lea is currently Economic Adviser to and a non-executive director of the Arbuthnot Banking Group. She is also a member of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Shadow Monetary Policy Committee. She is the author of many papers on economic matters. Her previous posts include the Director of Global Vision (2007-10), Director of the Centre for Policy Studies (2004-07), Head of the Policy Unit at the Institute of Directors (1995- 2003) and Economics Editor at ITN (1994-95). She was also Chief UK Economist at Lehman Brothers and Chief Economist at Mitsubishi Bank; worked for 16 years in the Civil Service (the Treasury, the DTI, the Civil Service College and the Central Statistical Office) and was an economics lecturer at Thames Polytechnic (now the University of Greenwich).

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 John Midgley   

John Midgley is the Co-Founder of the Campaign Against Political Correctness. He is a regular media contributor and speaker on behalf of the Campaign and has written various papers on the subject. In conjunction with his wife, Laura, he has written two books – The Politically Correct Scrapbook and The Second Politically Correct Scrapbook – which undermine political correctness through humour. John is a Partner in a Central London law firm, a school governor and was the Conservative Party’s Parliamentary Candidate in Pendle.

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Ian Milne 

Ian Milne has been the Director of the cross-party think-tank Global Britain since 1999. He was the founder-editor (in 1993) of The European Journal, and the co-founder (in 1995) and first editor of eurofacts. He is the translator of Europe’s Road to War, by Paul-Marie Coûteaux, (published by The June Press), and the author of numerous pamphlets, articles and book reviews, mainly about the relationship between the UK and the European Union. His most recent publications are A Cost Too Far ? (Civitas, July 2004), an analysis of the net economic costs and benefits for the UK of EU membership, and Backing the Wrong Horse (Centre for Policy Studies, December 2004), a review of the UK’s trading arrangements and options for the future. He is chairman of companies involved in publishing and book distribution. He graduated in engineering from Cambridge University and has a forty-year career in industry and merchant banking in the UK, France and Belgium.

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Professor Patrick Minford CBE 

Professor Patrick Minford was awarded a CBE in January 1996 for services to economics. He was Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Liverpool from 1976 to 1997 and is currently Professor of the Cardiff Business School. Professor Minford is also the author of a cost/benefit analysis of Britain's European Union membership titled, 'Britain and Europe: The Balance Sheet'.

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Professor David Myddelton 

David Myddelton is a chartered accountant with an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He has been Professor of Finance and Accounting at the Cranfield School of Management since 1972 (Emeritus since retiring in 2005). Since 2001 he has been Chairman of the Trustees of the Institute of Economic Affairs, a free market think-tank. He has written a number of textbooks on accounting and finance; and he has written other books on Inflation Accounting, the British Tax System and Accounting Standards. His two latest books are; They Meant Well: Government Project Disasters and Margins of Error in Accounting. He’s also a prolific writer of letters to the newspapers, especially the Financial Times.

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Jeremy Nieboer 

Jeremy Nieboer, educated at Harrow School and Oxford, was called to the Bar in 1965 and admitted as a Solicitor in 1970. As a lawyer he specialises in corporate and commercial law. He worked with the Democracy Movement on opposition to EMU from 1998 – 2000 and does regular talks to schools, including 6th forms, on EU issues organised by Civitas. Here he has often debated against speakers from the European Movement and Britain in Europe. Jeremy Nieboer was the lead solicitor on the application to the High Court and Court of Appeal for a judicial review of the then Foreign Secretary’s (Douglas Hurd) decision to ratify the Maastricht Treaty in 1993. Here he worked alongside Bill Cash MP, Lord Rees – Mogg, David Pannick QC and Martin Howe QC on the application. He is the author of “The Pros and Cons of Economic and Monetary Union”. Jeremy is on the Advisory Board of the European Foundation.

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Dr Richard North 

After a brief career in the Royal Air Force, Richard North became a local government officer and then ran his own consultancy business for two decades.  He then moved into trade politics and thence to the European Parliament as research director for the group of European Democracies and Diversities.   Through this professional work, Richard obtained first hand experience of the damaging effects of Brussels directives and their interpretation by UK officials on British businesses, and has gained an unrivalled insight into the workings of the European Union. Along with Christopher Booker the Sunday Telegraph columnist, he is the co-author of The Great Deception, the seminal history of the European Union. Dr North has also written two books on bureaucracy and the EU, with Christopher Booker, and one on the death of British agriculture.

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Philip Vander Elst 

Philip Vander Elst is a freelance author, journalist and lecturer, and a former editor of Freedom Today. He was a founder member of the Selsdon Group and worked on the staff of the Centre for Policy Studies and the Institute of Economic Affairs in the late 1970s. Over the last 30 years he has written widely on political, economic and philosophical subjects for papers in Britain and the United States, including the Daily Telegraph, the Spectator, the Sunday Times, the Political Quarterly, Human Events, and the American Spectator. He is also a former officer of the Oxford Union Debating Society and has been a visiting lecturer at many American universities and colleges. He has been a writer and broadcaster on radio and television on both sides of the Atlantic. His many publications include Resisting Leviathan: the Case Against A European State (Claridge Press 1991); Idealism Without Illusions: a Foreign Policy for Freedom (Freedom Association 1989), Libertarianism: a Christian Critique (Christian Institute 2003), and C.S. Lewis: a short introduction (Continuum, 2005).

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Professor Roland Vaubel 

Roland Vaubel is Professor of Economics at the University of Mannheim, Germany. As well as writing for the Bruges Group he is also the author of the IEA papers The European Institutions as an Interest Group: The Dynamics of Ever Closer Union (2009) and The Centralisation of Western Europe (1995).

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Stuart Wheeler 

Stuart Wheeler is a retired businessman and Founder of the spread betting company IG Group, he sold his remaining shares in 2003. After completing his National Service in the Welsh Guards, he practiced for three years as a Barrister and then spent ten years in merchant banking, starting IG Index in 1974; which enabled spread betting on the price of gold. IG Index was soon expanded to include commodity and financial futures. Stuart Wheeler, a campaigner for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, took the Government to Court for breaching their manifesto commitment to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution.

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